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Beauty…. [portfolio photography sydney]

A & I, thanks for coming to the studio last week.. we captured some beautiful images…

I will be intouch soon


Master M.. [sydney childrens photographer]

Now Master M started out as one serious little fellow… but it didn’t take too long for him to start having fun!!

Enjoy your sneak peek, I will be intouch shortly


Blue! [Sydney baby photography]

Meet Master A… he was truly one of the most beautiful bubs I have ever photographed…just look at those BIG blue eyes!!

8 days! [sydney newborn photography]

I always find people are shocked when I tell them that the best age to photograph a newborn is between day 3 and 10….

This is why…isn’t he just adorable!!

N & A, thank you for bringing baby A to the studio… enjoy your sneak peek, I will be in touch with your slideshow shortly.


Love is in the air …[Sydney wedding photography]

I recently had the pleasure of photographing a wedding with the fabulous Jackie cooper, her take on the day can be seen here

Joel & Suzy make a stunning couple and are just the loveliest people.. their calm and relaxed attitudes made for a super fun day!

I hope you two enjoyed your honeymoon and enjoy your sneak peek…

~ kell

Another BOY! [Sydney baby photography]

There must be something in the water… boys galore lately.

This little one was delightful!

Thankyou for welcoming me into your home R & G

Enjoy your sneak peek, I will be in touch soon


[caption id="attachment_562" align="alignnone" width="900" caption="baby photographer sydney"]baby photographer sydney[/caption]

A special day…[Sydney baby photographer]

I apologise again to those of you that i have not blogged….

There has been lots on “new stuff” going on for KVP over the past few months and i just have not had the time to blog!    [stay tuned ... I will blog about the "new stuff" when I can]

…but for now, here is a sneak peek for 2 little princesses that were recently Christened.

Thank you R and C for hiring me to capture this special day for you … i will be in touch soon


A bundle of perfection! [sydney baby photographer]

Today, I had the pleasure of meeting Master A, he is a 7 week old sweet heart and just “loved” the camera!

N and J.. thankyou for welcoming me into your home. You have both been truly blessed with your new little man, he is as sweet as sweet can be!

Enjoy your sneak peek, I will be in touch soon…


Sisters… [sydney children's photographer]

“Happy birthday Nan”…

These 3 little angels were so well behaved for their session, it was the best birthday gift they could ever give their Nan and “pop” before their BIG adventure to the other side of the country… I am sure they will be sadly missed..

enjoy the sneak peek, I will be in touch soon..