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another one on the way…. [Sydney family photographer]

….and I have a feeling mum will be busy when number 3 arrives…

These 2 little blue eyed blondes kept me on my toes…. Master K was full of energy but with a little lolly bribing as incentive we got some great shots!!

E and B, enjoy your sneak peek, I will be in touch shortly..


I’m back… & feeling totally Inspired … [Sydney photographer]

OK, so the break is over and it is back to the grind…

I had the most wonderful week on the Gold Coast, it was crock full with learning and of course a little socialising!   ……  I met the most amazing photographers including Nichole V,  she is an absolute talent and her kids are adorable…..  Zack Arias,  he totally rocked my wold with his “one light” workshop and his baby son has the coolest name on the planet “Hawk Danger”!! ….. the fantabulous  Joey L,  at the tender age of just 19 he was like a breath of fresh air, best known for his work with the “Twilight” series  and other big names such as ..”The Jonas Brothers” and “50 cent” .. but it is his personal work that has me mesmerised .. check him out!

..Not to mention all the awesome local talent… and they also came from as far as Hawaii and New Zealand… I made lots of new friends and finally got to meet some long term “cyber friends” … it was definitely a week to remember.

Of course I can’t post with out some pics and boy do I have some to show…

Until next time…


Nichole V’s gorgeous girl..

Nichole V’s handsome son!

One of our” kick ass” models.. “Charne”

The next 6 sets are all products of Zack’s “one light workshop”

Joey L’s shoot was like a production… we had 2 gorgeous models [Melissa & Faith]…oops, I almost forgot the “just as gorgeous..  Will” [Joey's assistant who strutted his stuff for us as],  a “57 Chev” and a desert location!  [mmm..yes, on the Gold]

A sneak peek behind the scenes .. that’s Joey giving direction in the 1st shot and  looking very groovy in the yellow bandanna!

Out of the office [sydney portrait photographer]

I am off to be “Inspired” … I am meeting up with a group of fabulous photographers from around the globe to learn and be inspired by some of the best!

I will be out of the office from Tuesday 4th – Monday 10th August, I will return all phone calls and emails on  Tuesday 11th.

Have a great week!


a perfect Australian Winters day at the beach…